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Peels-Chemical Exfoliation

Chemoexfoliation from GLYTONE by ENERPEEL utilizes unique acid solutions to treat many skin indications. Our advanced peel systems are characterized by a patented technology that delivers better results with less surface trauma. These products are formulated to achieve optimal outcomes reducing the usual discomfort associated with other peels.

Your skin care therapist will customize a treatment plan to maximize patient needs. Please allow 10-15 prior to your first treatment for your consultation.  For best results, a series of 4 treatments is typically recommended.

Mandelic-For patients with red/pink tones, sensitive or reactive skin. This is the mildest peel available with a delivery system that can be used year round

Glycolic-Formulated for patients experiencing fine lines & wrinkles. This peel is  forumulated to reduce the signs of mild to moderate aging.

30 minutes-$89

Salicylic-For patients prone to oily, acneic,and blemish-prone skin. This peel reduces the appearance of acne creating clear, smoother looking skin.

30 minutes-$99/each or purchase a series of 3 to receive a complimentary peel

Pyruvic-A system designed for premature skin aging, acne, and mild hyperpigmentation. Benefits will include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minutes-$99

Series of 4-$299

TCA -For those experiencing moderate to severe hyperpigmentation as well as more pronounced visible signs of aging.

30 minutes-$89

series of 4-$299

Lip & Eye-A great way to improve the appearance of dark circles due to pigment, fine lines, and crepiness. Specifically designed for eye wrinkles, this treatment is a great option.  You will have some mild flaking—so little, if any downtime.

30 minutes-$89

series of 4-$299

Hands– A chemical solution designed to combat the signs of aging that may be visible on the back of the hands; including age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation. Great as an add-on to any service  or as a single service.

30 minutes-$89

series of 4-$299

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