The best prevention for aging and wrinkles is good skin care.

Dr. Nitta advises her patients on the best care regimens suited for their unique skin and lifestyle. These tailored skin care plans aim to prevent sun damage, reduce visible aging, and improve the overall quality, health, and appearance of their skin.


Dr. Nitta carefully selects only the highest quality skin care products to recommend to her patients, and only carries product lines she herself uses and trusts.

We currently carry products from Neova® and Teoxane® from Geneva, Switzerland.

These products can only be purchased through a physician, and Dr. Nitta will be happy to educate and advise you on the specific products best suited for your unique skin and lifestyle.


In our office, Dr. Nitta can also perform Apeele™, a light chemical peel which will remove keratosis, and minimize dark spots. The down time is minimal to none. Three light peels will give you the same result as a deep peel without the extended down time.

To learn more about the skin care products we carry, call our office at (949) 722-6644 to schedule your free consultation with Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Katharine C. Nitta today!