Wrinkle Reduction


Younger Skin – No Surgery or Fillers Required!

When it comes to erasing wrinkles and fine lines, you know that there’s a host of surgical procedures and fillers out there that can tackle your toughest wrinkles.  But if you’re reluctant to go this route, it’s time to discover a non-invasive solution for wrinkles, lines, and facial creases: JuVaShape Ultra!

JuVaShape Ultra is an ideal solution for clients looking for relief from the following aging symptoms:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Deep skin creases
  • Skin laxity issues
  • Uneven skin tone
  • And more!

JuVaShape Ultra for wrinkle reduction is now available at MD Cosmedx in Bowling Green, KY.

How Does It Work?

JuVaShape Ultra works by combining radiofrequency energy with needling practices to increase cellular turnover, which helps the body to shed older skin quickly.  While radiofrequency energy triggers deep thermal heating in the dermis (thus triggering a contracting effect), microneedling increases collagen production via the body’s healing processes.  Together, these treatments help to increase skin rejuvenation while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The procedure itself takes a little less than an hour to perform, which is perfect for busy clients on the go.  JuVaShape Ultra is delivered to the skin via a handheld device, which delivers heat energy directly to the treatment area.  Your MD Cosmedx technician will control the heating temperature throughout the duration of the procedure, which will result in a more comfortable experience.

What About Side Effects and Downtime?

There’s virtually no downtime associated with JuVaShape Ultra.  Skin will be sensitive, so it’s important for clients to wear plenty of sunscreen.  Skin may also be red and feel tighter than normal, which is a sign that the cellular rejuvenation process is taking place.

Wrinkle Treatment at MD Cosmedx

Don’t let fine lines and wrinkles make you look older than you feel. Schedule a wrinkle treatment consultation at MD Cosmedx in Bowling Green, KY today.

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